Digital Auto Changeover With Current Limit

An Unique Devise to automate power distribution, protect expensive gensets and prevent fatal risks.
The ACCL also known as automatic changeover with current limit, allows unrestricted supply from mains. When the main supply fails and stand by Generator supply is on. It connects the DG power to each consumer in sequence & starts monitoring its load. The generator current allotment is controlled by microprosser in each ACCL as per buyer's specification ( rating between 300W to 25,000W on either 230V or 440V AC supply). Also it provided ON TIME Delay so that generators are not loaded suddenly, This feature anhance the life of generator and switch gear.

When ever the consumption exceeds the allotment, power is automatically trip for 8 seconds, and then
automatically restored if the overload exists, this cycle is ( 2 Sec ON & 8 Sec OFF) is repeated every
Ten seconds. If overloading on DG persists the ACCL goes to lock mode after 5 ON & OFF cycles.
Then unit can be reset manually by switch of the Mains. Total automation at no extra cost over outdated manual system.

No restriction on choice of generator power points.
1. No separate wiring required so Significant saving on wiring Expense for entire complex.
2. Assured availability of allotted load more load can not be consumed on Genset.
3. Simplifies electrical complexity.
4. Safeguards generator by monitoring.
5. LED indication of all operational states.
6. Wide range of Single & Three Phase models.